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Sweet Dreams are made of this

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Click for my sister site... Well, really, my brothers. hehehe. But you cant tell the differance. Star wars fan fiction. Pretty cool stuff!
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Erick did it again. Welcome.... to my nightmare has been nominated. go check it out!

Update, June 21st 2004
Wow! Has it really been that long? Sorry guys. Been doing Mime with my church, singing with the curch for a concert... Basicly I live at my church right now, and God has been opening my eyes to alot of things. Now that it is summer once again, I think that there will be many more updates, including (but not limited to) DID III will be put up! I love having this site, but what would make it really great is if you guys would e-mail me!!!! Do I need to put my address on every page?? (Oh, wait...I have! lol) Just a little note to say you like me! something! (can you tell I'm lonely) Until next time!!!
~Fleetwood Mac~

Hey there all! This is my first really real site so bare with me. :) I have a passion for writing, and until it takes off and starts making money, I'll use the Backstreet boys as my muse. (not that I like them or anything) ;) Hear you will not find Trash (aka visuals) it's wrong, sick, and I pitty anyone who wastes time in writing them and/or reading them. Yeah yeah. I know. go ahead and pout. (somebody call the *Wah*mbulance) With that said, what you WILL find on this site are my stories. not the usual boy meets girl and stuff. More like... boy meets girl, boy saves girl from dragon, but then girl saves boy from evil king. Or boy saves girl from falling asteroids, friend saves both from alien freek... I think your getting the point... it's not normal. :) hope you enjoy! Oh, you might also see stuff my friend and co-owner of the site, Erick. He's great, even if he is a little loopy. :)Okay, alot loopy.

Go hear for the latest news and pics of the guys Backstreet.Net

I'm a BSB Fan Fiction fan!