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Your Guardian Angel

I am sending you a special gift
That is delivered to you with love
To keep you safe from harm or hurt
While you roam the sky above
A guardian angel to watch over you
Each and every day
While you work, while you sleep
And even when at play
You may ask yourself
"Why did she send this guardian angel to me?"
I hope the following sentiments
Will help make that plain to see
Fate was kind and brought such a special friend
Into my life and heart
You won me over and made me laugh
Right from the very start
You are a very unique person
In so many wonderful ways
And your awesome sense of humor
Always brighten up my days

You should feel so proud of all

That you have accomplished along the way
You have so many varied talents
You seem to develop new ones everyday
And though you have a busy life
And are always on the run
You still take the time to talk to me
And make my life more fun
All of these qualities combined
Have made you very dear to me
A life without your friendship
Is something I hope to never see
I realize that I cannot be a part
Of everything that you do
I just hope that you keep me in your thoughts
As I also do of you
Now you can see why I send this angel
It's because I care so much
I hope you always feel her presence
Along with an Angel's loving touch


Used with fully given permission via e-mail . Thank you dear Brenda.