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Crystals,Herbs, colour/color Healing Holistic health, Occult magic and books
holistic health, colour, color, healing

Let me introduce my self-first, my name is Peter AKA "Merlin".I was born in London England on the 28th of August 1951, I am Married, a trained colour healer I use the vibration of colour/color for healing, also the use of crystals.

You will be all so finding-out how the use of colour, herbs and healing can have an significant effect on your wellbeing.

What You Will Find Here

Brief discussions on forms of healing including colour/color healing/therapy Crystals healing, physical healing (laying on of hands), absent healing, Alternative Medicine Homeopathy or Herbal remedies.Wiccan Paganism Also Rieki there is links here to other sites and a full reading list further on all of which can be bought from Amazon books. I have covered quiet a lot here but it is only scratching at the surface, this is just a jump of place the path you choose to take is up to you. So now dive into the_cauldron your journey into the shadows begins"keep your legs and arms inside the car at ALL times" :)

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