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NOTE on January 13, 2003 -- today is the 10th Anniversary of Jeff's suicide back on this date in 1993. Everyone reading this, if you can, put some Blue Oyster Cult (preferably "Don't Fear The Reaper" off the AGENTS OF FORTUNE album) on your turntable, CD player, or tape deck and send one out to the Big Man, okay?

I miss you, Jeff. Hasta la vista, amigo. I'm sure we'll catch up with each other eventually.

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Here it is... the Major Attitude Adjustment

I can't make it any easier for you than this, folks.

Don't forget to check out Ask A Bastard! Jeff would have really loved it!

Jan 10 2002

Now, here's an interesting thing...

Got this email yesterday...

From : WOW9512653@aol.com

To : docnebula01@juno.com

Subject : Major Attitude Adjustment Webblog

Date : Thu, 9 Jan 2003 15:29:52 EST


I have been reading your webblog at MajorAttitudeAdjustment with interest.

But today I no longer find it.

Where did it go?


It should, I think, go without saying that 'WOW951253@aol.com', who sends unsigned email asking for private URLs, has no profile.

My response was as follows:


Thanks for your note and interest in the webblog.

Recently, one of my supervisors at work told me she was 'aware' of my 'website' where I had been 'saying uncomplimentary things about her'.

This has made work extremely uncomfortable for me for the last few days, and for that reason, I have changed the URL to another server, and placed a password on the site.

My webblog is meant to be a 'private' site, where I vent a lot of the stress I feel at day to day life for a small group of people I trust. I know everyone I sent the URL to, and I asked all of them not to pass it on. Since I don't know who you are from your email addy, and you didn't sign a name, I'm not certain if I should pass along the new URL to you.

If you'll tell me who you are and where you got the previous URL from, I'll be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not to pass on the new URL at geocities.com to you, along with the password. If for some reason you choose to remain anonymous, then I regret that I can't judge whether or not I can trust you with my privacy.

I already know that apparently I trusted someone in error, since various strangers I did not give the URL to obviously have it.

Thanks for your understanding.


So that's what happened to the webblog.

A few months back, someone at work mentioned in passing my 'funny funny website', and knowing they had to be referring to my first weblog, a place where I voiced a lot of opinions about politics and life and such that I knew wouldn't be popular at my job (where it is company policy that we do not have opinions about anything, or at least, we do not discuss them, ever), I changed the URL immediately.

I wanted to keep doing a blog, because like everyone, I have a lot of stress in my life and it was important to me to vent, and have a place to post my opinions, with at least the thought that I might be sharing them with others.

However, as I said above, I was very careful who I gave out the new URL to. And still, abruptly I get a supervisor at work in my face, making the work place an even more hostile environment than it's already going to be, because 'someone'... some anonymous piece of shit who thinks, apparently, it's funny, or in some way even appropriate or acceptable, to go running to my boss and tell them about a place where I write my own personal and private opinions... has narced on me.

I loathe my job, like most of us, and this week, it's been far, far worse, because this one supervisor, who despises me anyway (and the feeling is mutual) has been openly hostile towards me all week. I don't know if this supervisor has actually read my blog, but if she did, she wasn't invited and it's none of her fucking business and I don't need this shit.

And now I get this email from someone I don't even know, inquiring as to where the blog went. And who does not respond when I politely ask them who the hell they are, and how they got a URL I was very careful in how I distributed.

I severely do not need this shit. So, to whoever it is out there that I mistakenly trusted with the URL, and who decided to tell teacher on me, fuck you. To the rest of you very small number of people who used to read this blog... if you posted a link to this blog somewhere, or gave it to someone without asking my permission, please re-think those actions, and if so, I'd appreciate it if you'd advise me of it.

I think I know who I trusted foolishly with the URL, but I can't be sure, and frankly, I don't need this level of stress in my life right now (or, really, ever).

So, if you're looking for the new URL (assuming there is one) be prepared to tell me who you are, and if I don't know you, be prepared to tell me where you got the URL, and if I can't verify that you got it from someone I gave it to, and why, you won't get the new one (assuming, again, that there is one).

If you are someone I know and trust and you want the new URL, you can, again, drop me an email at docnebula01@juno.com (please, do it from an email address I know belongs to you) and reaffirm that you will not post the new URL, nor give it to anyone else without telling me, and I'll tell you what's going on.

You know, if someone who knows me in real life is reading this, and you weren't invited, well, it's on the 'net and you can read it if you like, of course. But you're a snooper, you are NOT welcome here, and this is still private, personal stuff. If you're in a position of power over me and you use what you read here to make my life more miserable than it already is, shame on you. What I do in my personal life is my business, not yours, and yes, that's true even if you think I'm talking about you. (And I may not be.) As long as I don't do anything that might hurt you, (and nothing on this webblog is going to hurt anyone) you've got no legitimate bitch with me.

I've got an email address, I now have a bulletin board. You want to respond to what I publish on the Internet, do it on the Internet. Don't do it in an environment where I can't talk back to you without getting fired. That's simply inappropriate. I hate hypocrisy, and having to be cordial to someone I despise day after day is difficult... but here in the real world, we call that being professional. And I do it. And frankly, I'm under no illusions as to how most people I work with feel about me, and I don't think they're really under any illusions as to how I feel about them. But we're professional, because it makes life a little easier for all of us.

Or most of us are, anyway.

You don't want to know things that might bother you, here's a hint... don't snoop around where you're not welcome. If you do snoop around, don't take it out on me.