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Ghost WebCam Watch - A Live Ghost Hunting!

Live Ghost WebCam
(live video streaming - do not hit reload on your browser!)

Did you spot Jane the ghost (or any other poltergeist)?

Report it here!!

As usual, you'll need to be patient and stare your eyes in front of the camera for some minutes, hours or even days! You can also let your friends know about this WebCam site so they can help us too, trying to spot Jane on the WebCam! The more we are, the more chances we have!!

Win a DVD movie!

Recommend this site to your friends and win
"GhostBusters" movie in DVD format!!

The more you recommend, the higher the chances of winning! And we ship internationally! Winners will be notified by email and their full shipping data will be required for the prize to be sent. Accepting these rules are a must for entering this contest

Donate or buy some merchandise!

Did you enjoy the show? If you had fun with our Ghost WebCam, please help us keeping it active by either donating some money (up to you, min $1) or buying some ghost-related stuff (like DVD movies, music, shirts, etc...). Thank you!!


GhostBusters have visited this WebCam to date!

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