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The Gluko Dorkness Shrine

WeLcOmE! You have enterd the Dorkness Shrine! I think that this is the first site dedicated to Gluko! If you watched Mon Colle Knights on 7/21/01 and have seen Digimon both seasons then you probaly heard some familier voices! Derik Stephen Prince who dose the voice of Demiveemon,Veemon,and Ken did the voice of Mondo! The person that did the voice for Koromon did the voice of Rockna. The person that did the voice for Cody did the voice of the Fishman leader.And last but not least a student in Mondo and Rockna's school had Agumon's voice! I have a few Gluko pics here you can view them at the bottom of this page. If you have any Gluko pics you don't see here please tell me and I'll add you to the links....once I have people to link to. Well I guess thats it. Zya!
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