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Slightly Jaded but Always Hopeful...

Hey, I'm James Lee. I'm 22 years old, a saggitarius, sharing my birthday with the Lizard King. Winter is my element and nonchalant detachment my demeanor of choice. I revel in inciting drama and in my occasional, spontaneous outbursts of prolix prose that often blatantly expose my oddball charisma.

I like all sorts of music and appreciate all kinds of art and expression. Here are a few of my works of art, the last link leads to a few pix I snapped of my ride, which is one of my on-going projects.

Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three
My Contour SVT
Pix of Me!

A Couple Details...

I'm not the most social individual, but I like company. Particularly the close type; I'm not a superficial person, and I usually hold silence to be golden unless something needs to be said. Redundancy and mindlessly tedious banter designed to try and relate to someone you have nothing in common with irritates me; I don't like fluff, it tires me. I like substance. Regardless, I'm usually cordial and easy to get along with in social situations.

Nifty Sites...

The Dextroverse - Very good, diverse (although slightly ate-up) example of counterculture
The Contour Enthusiasts Group. I like contours; they're kinda like Ford's attempt at a BMW-type car. I have a Contour SVT.