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March 1 2003: Okay, no I have no new dollz right now. I am so busy with school I haven't had time to make any new dollz or answer emails. Sorry everyone! Thanks for visiting the site. Nov 24 2002: I'm back! I have updated the site and working on updating linkz, new dollz coming soon! May 2 2002: Added four formals and eight prepz!

March 1 2003: Hi! I am really sorry I haven't updated this site in so long. I am so busy I haven't had time to sleep! I am finally divorced thank goodness but with school I still don't have much time for dollz. So please don't yell at me for not updating or answering emails, okay? I'll try to add more soon.

I now have a total of 195 dollz. And I'm still working on more. I have fairiez, prepz, goth, punk, formal and bridez. I hope to soon add a dollmaker and my own original dollz. After you've looked at my dollz, take a look at my personal and family pages too. And don't forget to sign the guestbook and slambook, and take the poll. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Please note that I didn't create these dollz from scratch myself. I used several different dollmaker sites on the web. I have listed all these sites on my links page. I made my dollz using those dollmakers and then edited them by changing hair, clothes, and skin color, and other little details. I am not claiming these dollz as my sole creation!

If you want to use a doll, please right click and save as on your computer. And add a link to me! Then email me or sign my guestbook to let me know where your site is so I can check it out.

Please use this banner to link to my site. Just right click and save as! Thanks!

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