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My Hobbies

(This divider page - which has been in my Book of Remembrance for many years - enlarges.)


Fire King Jadite Dishes

My Favorite Form of Jadite - Restaurant Style

I fell in love with restaurant style Jadite as a small child. Apparently I have a sentimental attachment to eating-out. My collecting began in 1989, when my husband suggested we should replace our Tupperwareä with glass dishes. I thought that rather strange, as we had seven children raging in age from 19 to 2. So I said, "Okay, but let's just buy those cheap green dishes from the dime store," not knowing that production had ceased in 1970, and that they were now considered "collectibles".

By that time, I was obsessed with obtaining them, so we searched though second-hand shops and yard sales until we amassed a substantial amount of Fire King dishes. Now we have not only Jadite, but ivory, white, and opalescent caramel (the kind we used to get at the amusement park
when I was a child!) pieces.

My Jadite Collection - July 1990 
Taylor Springs, IL
Christmas Eve 1991 Taylor Springs, IL November 21, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
A Jadite Batter Bowl identical to one of my favorite pieces Another match to one of my faves - a Jadite Bubble Bowl
04/16/02 04/16/02 02/14/04 02/14/04 02/14/04

Hammered Aluminum

My hammered aluminum collection began in the early nineties, when our friend and auction buddy, the late Harold Shetler, gave me my first two pieces. Because we lived in Illinois, which everyone knows is the collectible capital of the world, I was able to amass huge quantities of this lovely art form at ridiculously low prices.
Now it adorns my kitchen walls here in Fayetteville, NC, where it blends beautifully with my lovely Jadite.


This covered dish is very similar to one
I have in my collection.

At Easter time, when it comes time to set out our baskets for the Easter Bunny,
we set out hammered aluminum bowls instead!

I like to vary my holiday place settings, so one year for Christmas Eve dinner, I used my hammered aluminum pieces with my Jadite dishes and crystal goblets trimmed with holly on a red tablecloth.

It was very festive!

Saturday, August 18, 2001
Taylor Springs, IL

Some of my collection

Ruby Red

Cobalt Blue

I LOVE ruby red!

In Illinois, I had several bottles and vases lining the long window sills in my family room, mixed with clear and bottle green vases.


Though I always liked cobalt blue glass, I didn't begin collecting it until 1992.  I was at an auction in Nokomis, IL, and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a quantity of old cobalt blue medicine bottles and jars.
Now my collection is pretty evenly balanced between old and new, and includes vases as well. It looks lovely in our  white and blue bedroom, and mixed in with the Jadite dishes displayed in the kitchen.

Oct 2001
Taylor Springs, IL


Pink Glaze Pottery
    Some of my collection, all decked out for Christmas

Taylor Springs, IL
02/14/04 02/14/04 04/16/02 02/14/04 02/14/04


My affinity for printing seems to be genetic. My paternal grandfather, Millard Raymond Buckley of Richmond, Virginia, had a print shop in a little building in the back yard of his home, called (appropriately enough) Buckley Print Shop. My father spent a great deal of his youth there. When I was a small child, he took me aside one evening and taught me the basics of printing. It was a lesson I never forgot. As I grew older, I began to collect alphabets in various styles to reproduce. Now I use my skills primarily to embellish my scrapbooks. 

Flower Gardening

This USED to be my favorite hobby. During the spring, summer, and fall, I used to go outside six mornings a week at 6:00 A.M. to work for two or three hours with my flowers. Unfortunately, several years ago, I developed a most unpleasant allergy (either contact or inhaled or both!), probably to my beloved marigolds. So in 2001, I ignored my plot of earth entirely - no planting, no weeding, no picking. :o(

The yard looked dejected, but I felt much better - except when I looked at the garden!

July 4, 1990

Geraniums, Begonias, Coleus, and Impatiens

July 28, 1990

Cannas, Snow on the Mountain, Petunias, Impatiens, and Begonias

July 28, 1990

Marigolds, Geraniums, Begonias, and Coleus

July 28, 1990

Geraniums, Begonias, Coleus, and Impatiens

July 28, 1990

Nicotianas, Caledulas, Rose Cleomes, and Marigolds


July 1995

Roses and Dusty Millers


Sun., Sept. 21, 1997
Adrienne, Dale and Paul

Live Forevers, Marigolds, Cannas, Roses, and Joseph's Coats




May 12, 2000


May 12, 2000














My mother insisted I learn to sew in 1971 while Paul was on a Mediterranean cruise with the Navy, and I was home with a new baby. She said it was merely a mater of following directions and exercising care, and should be a snap for me. Though fearful and trembling, I tried it, and you know what? She was right! Mothers are like that!
Thereafter, I made all my own clothes and many of the children's clothes - a pattern which continued until 1993.


August 15, 1975 
Our Sixth Anniversary

Washington LDS Temple, Kensington, MD

Brent, Lewis, Carol, Randolph and Paul

I made my dress and both the suits and ties for Lewis and Brent.


October 1986
Litchfield, IL

Nathaniel, Dale and Joshua

I combined my love of sewing with my love of authentic costumes.


Sunday, October 31, 1991
Taylor Springs, IL

A long blessing gown, slip and bonnet which I designed, embroidered and sewed for my niece Renee's first daughter, Ashley.  Her other girls, Laura and Shannon also wore it.

Current Projects:

At the moment I'm working on the following:

1. A war winter poncho for my fourth son, Joshua, which he designed himself, made of two fleece throws,
 one camel and one charcoal, and adorned with five emblematic patches.
COMPLETED 11/04/02!  Four additional patches added to the back on 04/21/03.

2. I'm cutting down my black bunny fur coat from 1988 which is now four sizes too large. 
I've taken it apart, and thought it all through.  Now I'm just trying to work up the nerve to start cutting.

3. Two large ivory lace covered pillow shams for my 15-year old daughter's day bed. 
Half done.

Come unto Him, p.114 - Thoedore E. Curtis

  1. I wander through the still of night, When solitude is ev'rywhere--
    Alone, beneath the starry light, And yet I know that God is there.
    I kneel upon the grass and pray; An answer comes without a voice.
    It takes my burden all away And makes my aching heart rejoice.

  2. When I am filled with strong desire And ask a boon of him, I see
    No miracle of living fire, But what I ask flows into me.
    And when the tempest rages high I feel no arm around me thrust,
    But ev'ry storm goes rolling by When I repose in him my trust.

  3. It matters not what may befall, What threat'ning hand hangs over me;
    He is my rampart through it all, My refuge from mine enemy.
    Come unto him all ye depressed, Ye erring souls whose eyes are dim,
    Ye weary ones who long for rest. Come unto him!  Come unto him!

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