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The Beautiful People

This section deals with art appreciation. It matters not that some of them are young enough to be my children,
while some others are old enough to be my grandparents. What matters is that they are all - in my opinion -
drop-dead gorgeous, and can light up a room by their very presence.

My Favorite Hunks

(in alphabetical order)

Women to Whom I Wish I Bore a Much Stronger Resemblance

(in alphabetical order)

Benjamin Bratt

Philip Carey
( Eugene Carey)

Ursula Andress Tyra Banks

b. 16 Dec 1963 - San Francisco, CA

b. 15 Jul 1925 - Hackensack, NJ

A former U.S. Marine in World War II
and the Korean War

Had he never appeared in a single thing beyond his 1951 debut as Ward Bond's baby brother in Operation Pacific, that alone would have justified his inclusion in this list. A man in uniform is always a wondrous site to behold, but Philip Carey's 6'4" frame in a naval officer's uniform is so lovely it defies description. His career has spanned nearly fifty years, and he's still beautiful.

b. 19 Mar 1936 - Berne, Switzerland


b. 4 Dec 1973 - Los Angeles, CA

Is it legal for any one woman to be this beautiful?!?  Possibly, but it's hardly fair, now is it?


Stephen Collins Tony Curtis
(Bernard Schwartz)
Brigitte Bardot Catherine Bell

b. 1 Oct 1947 - Des Moines, IA


b. 3 Jun 1925 - The Bronx, NY

A former U.S. Navy signalman
from 1943 - 1945.

b. 28 Sep 1934 - Paris, France


b. 14 Aug 1968 - London, England

Matt Damon
(Matthew Paige Damon)
David James Elliott
(David W. Smith)
Halle Berry
(Halle Maria Berry)
Brooke Burke

 b. 3 Oct 1970 - Cambridge, MA

b. 21 Sep 1960 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

b. 14 Aug 1968 - Cleveland, OH

b. 8 Sep 1971 - Hartford, CN
or Tuscon, AZ

Brendan Fraser
(Brendan James Fraser)
Vince Gill Brooke Burns Lynda Carter
(Lynda Jean Cardoba)

 b. 3 Dec 1968 - Indianapolis, IN

This web site is in French,
but it has great images.

b. 12 Apr 1957- Oklahoma City, OK

b. 28 Oct 1977 - Dallas, TX

b. 24 Jul 1951 - Phoenix, AZ

Graham Greene Paul Gross Doris Day
(Doris Mary Ann Von Kappellhoff)
Catherine Deneuve
(Catherine Dorleac)

b. 22 June 1952 - Six Nations
Reserve, Ontario, Canada

If you don't agree that this is one
sexy man, you just aren't paying attention!

b. 30 Apr 1960 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

b. 3 Apr 1924 - Cincinnati, OH

b. 22 Oct 1943 - Paris, France


Richard Hatch

Don Johnson
(Donnie Wayne Johnson)

Barbara Eden
(Barbara Jean Moorhead)
Morgan Fairchild
(Patsy Ann McClenny)

b. 21 May 1945 - Santa Monica, CA

b. 15 Dec 1949 - Flat River, MO

I had originally imposed a 6-foot height minimum for men for inclusion in this list, but I'm such a Don Johnson fan,
I rescinded it in his case.

b. 23 Aug 1934 - Tuscon, AZ

 b. 3 Feb 1950 - Dallas, TX

Dwayne ("TheRock") Johnson
(Dwayne Douglas Johnson)
Jesse L. Martin
(Jesse Lamont Martin)
Salma Hayek
(Salma Hayek-Jimenez)
Catherine Hicks

 b. 3 May 1972 - Hayward, CA

 b. 18 Jan 1969 - Rocky Mount, VA


 b. 2 Sep 1966 - Coatzacoalcos,
Veracruz, Mexico

b. 6 Aug 1951 - Scottsdale, AZ

Tim Matheson
(Tim Matthieson)
James Read
(James Christopher Read)
Jane Krakowski
(Jane Krajkowski)
Sophia Loren
(Sofia Villani Scicolone)

 b. 31 Dec 1947 - Glendale, CA

 b. 31 Jul 1953 - Buffalo, NY

b. 11 Oct 1968 - Parsippany, NJ

b. 20 Sep 1934 - Rome, Italy

Tom Selleck Henry Simmons
(Henry Simmons, Jr.)
Cindy Margolis
(Cynthia D. Margolis)
Michael Michele
(Michael Michele Williams)

b. 29 Jan 1945 - Detroit, MI


Tom really sets the standard for what
a good-looking man should be,
doesn't he?

b. 1 Jul 1970 - Stamford, CN

 b. 1 Oct 1968 - Los Angeles, CA

 b. 30 Aug 1966 - Evansville, IN

Oh, well, at least we share the
same birthday - separated
by a few years! :o)

Lucky Vanous
(Lucky Joseph Vanous)
Goran Visnjic Elke Sommer
(Elke Schletz)
Dame Elizabeth Taylor
(Elizabeth Rosamond Taylor)

b. 11 Apr 1962 - Lincoln, NE

Joined the U.S. Army at 18; selected
to join the 1st Airborne Ranger
Battalion (Black Berets)

I'm not entirely convinced that it's physically possible for one man to be this completely gorgeous, but I tend
to think "luck" had nothing to do
with it!

b. 9. Sep 1972 - Sibenik, Croatia

A trained paratrooper, Goran
finished his required military service in the Yugoslav Army at age eighteen, then enlisted,
along with one of his brothers,
in the Croatian Army when war erupted in the Balkans.

b. 5 Nov 1940 - Berlin, Germany

b. 27 Feb 1932 - Hampstead,
London, England

Patrick Wayne Robert Wagner Raquel Welch
(Jo Raquel Tejada)
Catherine Zeta-Jones
(Catherine Jones)

b. 15 July 1939 - Los Angeles, CA

John Wayne's son is one of the most gorgeous creatures to ever grace
the earth.

b. 10 Feb 1930 - Detroit, MI

b. 5 Sep 1940 - Chicago, IL

b. 25 Sep 1969 - Swansea, Wales