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The Page for Amateur Scientists!


The EXTREME SCIENCE page is dedicated to showing it's veiwers some of the most exciting and cutting edge amateur science experiments in various areas of science.There are three main reasons that I have created this webpage. The first reason is to try to get more people interested and educated in the field of science and it's many subdisciplinary fields. This will help produce a more educated and informed public which will have the ablility to make better decisions on major scientific issues that deal with ethics and allow the public as a whole to filter out junk science from real science. The second most important thing is that it will allow our youth to discover an interest in science and realize that it is not all just about a bunch of hard math and hopefully this will help to get individuals to consider becoming a scientist which will lead to new discoveries, the technological advancement of mankind and the bettering of the human race. The third most important reason that I created this website is because it has given me the ability to document and show some of my current research in particle physics through the construction of a cyclotron along with some of my current research in the field of molecular biology

I will be listing several molecular biology experiments throughout this webpage that will include instructions and lab write ups so that these experiments can be repeated. Now the page does contain a few other experiments that should not be repeated due to the fact that they are too dangerous so please read the disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER:PLEASE READ! The experiments that are listed on this page are for informational and educational use only.You should NEVER attempt to repeat any of these experiments unless you are under the supervision of a qualified chemmist or teacher because most of the experiments on this web page are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS , Some of these experiments use potentialy dangerous chemicals which should be used in the laboratory under a qualified instructors supervision. Some of the experiments on this page can even KILL YOU or cause PERSONAL INJURIES or PROPERTY DAMMAGE . If you choose to repeat any of these experiments then do so at your own risk. REMEMBER you are responsible for your own actions, and the author of this web site or the Lycos company cannot be held responsible for any deaths, personal injuries, or property damage if you attempt to do any of these experiments. I will not give information out about how to conduct these experiments, so don't even ask!

The pictures below are just some of the things that you will see on this web page. THIS WEB PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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