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Cheesy Mike's Cheesy Music

Why I Like Cheese

I'll admit, I'm a cheesehead. Born and raised in Wisconsin!
I was sick one day and decided to see if there was any music about cheese.
Much to my surprise, there was, though not a lot.

Did you know that Feta cheese is one of the oldest cheeses in the world?!

Cheesy CDs
  • Aerosmith - Night in the Ruts - "Cheese Cake"

    Cheesy Sheet Music
  • Superpieces 1 (Violin) - "Rotten Eggs with Moldy Cheese"
  • Nirvana - Bleach (Guitar) - "Big Cheese"
  • Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese (Guitar) - "Seas of Cheese"
  • Nirvana - The Albums (Piano) - "Big Cheese"

    Weird Sheet Music
  • The Wacky, Weird & Wonderful Novelty Songbook (Piano)
  • The "Weird Al" Yankovic Anthology (Piano)
  • Biggest Pop Hits of 1998 (Piano) - "Weird" by Hanson
  • Hot Boyz Mix (Piano) - "Weird" by Hanson
  • Desmond Child - Under the Covers (Piano) - "Weird"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Mother Milk" (Guitar) - "Nobody Weird Like Me"
  • Best of Everclear (Guitar) - "Nervous & Weird"
  • Charles Mingus - More Than a Fake Book (Piano) - "Weird Nightmare"
  • Iggy Pop Collection (Piano) - "Some Weird Sin"

    Strange Sheet Music
  • Indigo Girls - Strange Fire (Piano)
  • The Best of Patsy Cline (Piano) - "Strange"
  • The Best of Patsy Cline (Easy Piano) - "Strange"
  • Christmas - Complete Lyrics for 200 Songs - "A Strange Way to Save the World"
  • The History of Rock - Volume 5 - The Late 60s (Piano) - "Strange Brew" by Cream
  • Disney's "Toy Story" (Piano) - "Strange Things"
  • The Definative Blues Collectionn (Piano) - "Strange Fruit"
  • Great Easier Piano Literature (Piano Solo) - "Of Strange Lands and People"
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (Transcribed Scores) - "Little Miss Strange"

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