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Here BU

In fact, here be all of the major contributors to the Bugarup University Mailing List.

What is Bugarup University?

Bugarup University is the creation of one Terence Pratchett, Esquire (Commonly known as "PTerry"), in his Discworld novel "The Last Continent". It is set on the Discworld[1] equivalent of Australia, and so it seemed only natural that a Discworld discussion group based in Australia be named after this great institution.

Technically, we talk about Discworld, Discworld and more Discworld. In fact, the discussion on the list can include such various topics as religion, e********[2], computers, university (real life, that is), politics, and anything else that catches our fancy. And yes, we do mention the Discworld occasionally.

In addition to discussion, some members of the group liven things up a bit by acting out goings-on in Bugarup, from wizardy and the containment of pandemoniae to attacking Libwolf (see below) and just having some general fun (not too much, though - see Snow Queen).

So who are the people who contribute so much to Bugarup University? Well, click on some of the names below to find out! (I know they aren't links, but they do work, at least on JavaScript-enabled Microsith Anternet Exploiter browsers) Alternatively, there is a non-JavaScript page which uses the other horror of web pages, frames. You can access that here.
Nathan - the Dean Softpaw Confusing Manifestation Mysterious Apparition Libwolf
Hayley Cousken The Snow Queen Steven D'Aprano Jase
Snowpaw RMOS Diburaa Arabel Joe Schaumburger Kathy, K.O.W.
David Hopkins Dru Dan

Bugarup University

[1]What is Discworld? What the hell are you doing here, then? Well, head off to L-Space to find out a little more.
[2]The "e-word", which is defined as the process by which a system or organism changes over time, was one of the few "banned" words on the list. Status currently in doubt.