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Stone Cold Webbio's Sanitarium

Last updated:  12/03/05 (Fav. Bands & Fav. Voices were fixed)

Hello this is my personal site.  My name is Adrienne Helene Harty.
 I was born July 30, 1987 in Hillsboro, Illinois. 


Sept. 14, 1988
This is the best picture of me, Adrienne Harty,  that shows why I was called webby. 

 You might be wondering why a girl named Adrienne Harty would be called webby. Here is why.   Dad had started calling me 'Webby' because my hair would naturally curl up and out in the back, and so I kind of looked like Webby from the cartoon Duck Tails, as you can kind of see in the picture.  So then, one time one of my brothers (Brent) was listening
to Metallica's version of Stone Cold Crazy (originally it was Queen's song) and was singing along when I came into the room... so he got to the part where they say "stone cold crazy you know" and he looked at me and said "Stone Cold Webbio".  Which I hated, and they would tease me by calling me that all the time, naturally.  So it stuck.

 Well, enjoy my webpage.   If you have any comments or
whatever my email address is :

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