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Nuthin much here. I'm juss really bored and decided ta make another stupid website. 'Sides...I KNO ya'll gonna hate it if I made another "Indiana Jones" site. Heh. So, I juss decided..."eh...might as well make a site dat'll bore peeps and waste time fo' me.

WARNING!!! I MAY or MAY NOT (most likey) not update every day, weeks, but I can probably update every month if I ain't bz wit school and stuff.

Hehehehe but den again...who would EVA wanna come back?? Kno what I'm sayin?? If ya wanna make a request juss click on my guest book and fill out da stuff. But it must be sumthin dat I can find pics online or if u provide da pics for me. Aight??

So, I'm juss sayin...I dun care if u like it or hate it. I juss made dis out of complete boredom!! Now either look thru da gallery or EXIT dis site and NEVA EVA come back!!!


~*~*UPDATED on Feb. 16th, 2005!!*~*~

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