The Poo-Baby

Poo Baby's Hobbies

Poo Baby was born of strange parents. They decided to breed a child in order to find a way to keep their toilet fresh and clean. From the day of his birth, he has been in either his toilet, or in his special jar.
Poo Baby subsists entirely on fecal matter. He has known nothing other than the image of a shitting ass for his entire life span.
One may think this is a horrible existence for a child, but it is simply not so. Poo Baby is the modern Buddha. He is serene, all he knows is Poo and toilets. All he needs is poo to achieve the elusive state of Nirvana.
After many years wallowing in the family toilet, he finally outgrew it. As an act of kindness his parents released him into the closest thing to his natural environment, the New York City sewer system. There he leads a idyllic lifestyle eating all the poo he can get his grubby little fingers into, and hanging out with the Ninja Turtles. He spreads his philosophy to the local rats and homeless heroin addicts.

........isn't that an inspiring story??? It made me cry..


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