I am a female college student. I was an Art major. I hoped I was good enough to make it big.....but I would probably end up as a street dweller selling quick portraits for a dime or two. SO I changed my major. Now I am a dual Communications/Psychology major with no current minor (I may be insane but I'm not stupid...). This scares those who know me. It should... I have issues. I'm strange, to say the least. And now I am learning how to manipulate both media and minds. Fear for yer kiddies.

To be more exacting in my self-defination, I am a carbon based life form currently residing on the land mass known as North America, in a "country" called the US. To narrow further my placement, I am in the northeast, in a "state" called Pennsylvania. It is a wooded area of the state, but for those of you who have been here, you would know most if not nearly all of PA is wooded. This excludes Philly, but I've never been there so it may just be a forest after all.

This is Nightmare the Cat...hehehe I poked him..

These are Cluthu and Fintan the Rats...a hint, Fintan is Gaelic for "white fire".