Links and all that Happy Crappy

Fun happy things that are really out on the web.....

Things of the one True Way..HAIL ERIS!!!!!!!

The Principia Discordia aka How I Found Goddess & What I Did To Her I also have the Discordian Bible floating around here...

Cabal of the Apathetic One of the originals.

HyperDiscordia Confusion for a new Generation Highly Recomnded!!

North American Anti-Discordian League Phuck up the evil that is Discordia!

Discodiscordian explained very clearly...

Discordian Name Generator Want a name that will last as long as a syrofoam cup? Get it here!

Plain Wierd Arse Stuff

Hot Boots! Apparently there are men with some strange freaking fetishs.. But each to their own.

This appears to be a list of annoying things. It defies words.

This is sick. It is Barbie brainwashing for dumb girls.

Creepy Cowboys for Christ. They acually send out the bibles, I have one. :)

Mr T vs. Everything..... yes folks MR.T!!! He drinks milk, has a passion for the youth and a hellofa fast van. See him take on all the worlds evils!!

Actual gov't text on how to deal with a "TWEAKER". Not sure why, but it is most amusing

Satan's Dancing hamsters...

This is fun..MutedFaith, kick-ass art and hilarious quizzes, Some role-playing sheisse as well... go there ye wretch!!.

College Related

A humourous site this They include a huge piece on annoying bad roommates for all us college kids!

The Basics... drunken pics, nekid pics of drunk people, sick and twisted pics of drunk people and drunken animals...pluss other non-drunk sick sheisse. What fun!! To see this click: I am a lonely loser with no life what-so-ever and I will never get laid." Damnit man!! I feel for u!

Actual events in schools much more intersting then your own boring blah everyfreakingbody-goes-home-at-5-on-Friday-cause-they-miss-family-and-that-kid-they-went-to-second-grade-with-school. (Hell, I was under the impression college was a good reason to move four+ hours away from mother+family+*shudder* high school people. Was I ever wrong!)

And now for the usual dead link blah...... you know the drill.. if ya don't stay away from me.
Praise Evil Jesus!