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Welcome to one of the Weird ALvatar Inc., the webs largest collection of "Weird Al" avatars on goodies. Feel free to use any of our creations to express yourself in any forums, message boards, chats, or instant messengers. We do however request the a you refrain from directly linking to our files. We have limited bandwidth, and linking directly to the files on our server will cause our site to be turned off. Also please give Weird ALvatars Inc. credit for the creation of any images used, don't take the credit for our hard work. All images on this site were gathered from personal pictures, screen captures, product scans, or personal fan art. No images were are taken from other sites, and we try to respect all copyrights.

Special Thanks to...
This site would not be possible of the support of over two-dozen and three people. We would like to take some time now to thank all the people and places that have helped us get to where we are today.
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  • ...and the support of visitors, like you!

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