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Yamazaki's Photo Album


Last Updated: 03/10/2001

UPDATES! More pics in all the Galleries!

What is CAL upto now?!! Hmm...I don't know either but I decided to make this shrine for Yamazaki and Chiharu for some reasons: First, There are so many sites about S+S and hey, why not make a shrine for another CCS couple?!! ^^;; Just hover over the stars that surround this message box to view the contents of this page! Don't you think Yamazaki and Chiharu is cute too?! *^o^*;; Hope you guys have fun! And like my sister site, you could take any pics found in this site, just don't link directly to them, k?! See y'all! 

Chiharu-chan's Gallery
World of Yamazaki and Chiharu Moments
Reasons Why I Love These Two
DEDICATIONS: Fanarts, Fanfics, yadda yadda!

Updated: March 10, 2001

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