Joey's Weird WAVs

Index of Midi Songs & TV Themes


 Name                      Included      Size  Description

[SND] Beverly_Hillbillies.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k TV Theme from "The Beverly Hillbillies" [SND] Dueling_Banjos.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k From the movie "Deliverance" with Burt Reynolds [SND] Fall_to_Pieces.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k "I Fall to Pieces" Patsy Cline [SND] Hawaii_Five-0.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k TV Theme from "Hawaii Five-O", Book 'em Dano, Murder One! [SND] Hitchcock_theme.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k TV Theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" [SND] Small_Town_USA.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k John Mellencamp [SND] Under_the_Boardwalk.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k The Platters classic [SND] benny_hill.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k TV Theme from "The Benny Hill Show" [SND] eileen.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] got_a_friend.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] hook.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] jump-van_halen.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k "Jump" Van Halen song [SND] rocky_top.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] somewhere_out.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] taken_by_storm.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] tales_from_the_crypt.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k TV Theme from "Tales From The Crypt" [SND] Uncle John's Band.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k E-mail me with title if you know it [SND] unanswered_prayers.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k Garth Brooks song [SND] when_a_man_loves.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] zippity_do_da.mid 22-Jul-2001 ---k [SND] wedding.mid 08-Jan-2005 The Wedding March [SND] bosevill.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] bumblebee.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] carol_of_the_bells.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] cominround.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] elise.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] figaro.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] greig_piano_concerto.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] halleljua.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] hazy_shade_of_winter.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] maple_leaf.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] moonlight.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] pomp.mid 08-Jan-2005 The Graduation Song [SND] saints.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] tocatta.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] 1812over.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] canyon.mid 08-Jan-2005 [SND] passport.mid 08-Jan-2005

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