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WHOAMI? My name is Scott Hill, I was born 21.3.49 in the U.S.A. and have been living for over 33 years in Denmark.
Master's degree in biophysics/bioengineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas in 1972. Presently affiliated with the University of Copenhagen, and other institutes for higher learning in Scandinavia. Founding member, Scandinavian Herbal Institute, research director, Danish Society for Psychical, Frontier Sciences Group Research, member, Biofeedback Research Society, Society for Psychical Research (London), International Association for Psychotronic Research. Researcher, Writer, Teacher, Musician, Healer...

I hand-coded my first astrology program in 1974 in FORTRAN II on punched cards and run it on the university computer. I was one of the first in Europe to conduct experiments in PK and ESP using modern integrated circuits and microchips, later computers and the internet. If you are interested in participating in online experiments, please follow the links at the bottom of this page. At the moment, online experiments are being hosted by the University of Amsterdam, The University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Princeton University, The University of Edinburgh, The English Society for Psychical Research in London, and several universities in the U.K. If you want to test your ESP or PK abilities now, jump to: (

Want more info on published scientific studies on parapsychology? :

I translated the first book on laser acupuncture from Russian to English in 1976 ("Biostimulation by laser radiation and bioplasma by V.M. Inyushin and P.R. Chekorov).
Participated in the symposium on Quantum Physics and Parapsychology, Geneva, 1974. I was also conference secretary for the symposium on "The Philosophy of Parapsychology held in, Copenhagen, 1976 , More information on these conferences, my summary published in the "Parapsychological Review" and the published proceedings: One of the few to ever make an address to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) on the scientific study of the human aura! Published proceedings can be ordered from the IEEE: (Special Proceedings: Electro '78 in Boston).
Participated in the first european conference on electromagnetic medicine in Versailles (1979), the first conference on psychotronics in Prag (1973) and most european meetings of the Parapsychological Association. For more information on the printed and online proceedings of the PA:
In 1983 I helped organize the first scientific symposium on Alternative Medicine at the medical faculty of the University of Copenhagen, which drew over 500 health professionals and students from all over Denmark.
In 1994 I attended the "1st international conference on the scientific study of consciousness" at the University of Arizona, in 1997 a similar conference was held here in Copenhagen .
Follow the consciousness links at the bottom of this page to read the proceedings. An annotated bibliography of consciousness research has been compiled by Chalmers:
The next consciousness meeting will be held in Skovde, Sweden August 6-11, 2001 with theme "Consciousness and its place in nature".
Most people think my research interests are very strange!! Some people think I look strange!! Maybe I AM strange!!

Some of my research interests which were considered geeky about 20-30 years ago are now becoming popular, I am even sort-of famous (but not rich) !! Maybe I'm not so crazy after all!

Major interests: World peace, a better life for all things living, health & happiness for the planet. Alternative technologies for the people.
Scientific research interests/activities: Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture, herbology, energy medicine, electro-magnetic- therapy, laser therapy, laser acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Consciousness research, cosmology, cosmobiology, extra sensory perception (ESP), psychokinesis (PK) , healing, dowsing, energy body, ch'i(Qi) energy, Ancient technology..

Technolusts: time machines, matter transmitters (teleportation), zero-point energy devices and the "energy field doctor" bioenergy scanner...

People I like/admire:
Carl Sagan(American astronomer who started the SETI project joint the SETI-at-home project and help detect an alien civilization!: ,
Albert St. Geogi Nobel prize winner and the inventor of submolecular biology),
H.C. Ørsted (the Danish physicist who discovered, by accident, electromagnetism)
Niels Bohr (Danish physicist, Nobel physics prize winner) More info about the Niels Bohr Institute, H.C. Ørsted Institute and NORDITA institue for theoretic astrophysics::
Niels Finsen (Danish MD, Nobel prize winner and the inventor of light therapy in Denmark), Issac Newton

Albert Einstein
Carl Linne (the Swedish botanist who invented the latin naming system),
John Lilly (the first biophysicist to do research on dolphin communications and sensory deprivation)
Ilya Prigogine(Nobel prize winner in physics and founder of non-equilibrium biological thermodynamics).

Tycho Brahe (Danish court astrologer, astronomer and alchemist, built Uranienborg observatory between Sweden and Denmark)

Caption: Some of The Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe's instruments, from prints at the Danish Royal Library
Charles Fort --- researcher of strange science who founded the Fortean society --read some weird news from them:

Music/musicians I like:
Grateful Dead, Jeffersen Airplane/starship, Hanne Boel, C.D. Laing, Chris Issacs, Jean Micheal Jarre, John Mayall, The Fugs, the rolling stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Madsen, Anne Linnet....
I also listen to netradio on

Books I am reading at the moment:

The End of Certainty: Time, Chaos, and the New laws of Nature by Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers
The Web of Life by Fritjov Capra
Natural Health, Natural Medicine by Andrew Weil.(more info on Dr. Weil's books:
Heal Thyself -- an explanation of the real cause and cure of diseases by Edward Bach,
The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin
Life at the edge of science by Beverly Rubik.
Quantum Information by Anton Zeilinger,Springer Verlag:

New Bioelectromagnetics book: Dr. James Lin, University of Illinois at Chicago and past president of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, has edited a new book of interest to bioelectromagnetics researchers, published in late 2000 by Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishing Corp. and titled "Advances In Electromagnetic Fields In Living Systems." The ISBN number is 0-306-45484-5; 302pp, $95.50. More information is available at the publisher's web site: http:/

Some selected publications:

"Cycles of Heaven -- cosmic forces and how they influence you" (with G.L. Playfair) St. Martin's Press, 1979, Souvenir Press, London 1978, Avon Paperbacks, NYC, 1979, and several other languages...
where I predicted, among other things, the growing hole in the ozone layer, climatic changes, a rather large earthquake in the 1980's on the San Andreas Fault, spacequakes, solar explosions, biological effects of sunspot cyles, electromatic pollution, laser acupuncture, magnetic field therapy, laser acupuncture, and a lot of other stuff..! This book is now out of print, but you may be able to order it from or find it through your local antique book shop...

"Parapsychology Today" Bogans Forlag, Copenhagen (2 volumes in Danish; Dansk titel: "Parapsykologien i dag") 1982 where I cover 100 years of scientific research into telepathy, clairvoyance, psykokinesis, precognition, healing, the energy body, dowsing, and related matters...

"Biostimulation through laser radiation and bioplasma" by V.M. Inyushin and P.R. Chekorov, Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR 1975-- I translated this book into English in 1976 -- covers laser therapy, laser acupuncture, and biostimulation through monchromatic electromagnetic energy, Kirlain photography...this resulted in my being invited by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to visit Inyushin's lab at the Kazakh State University in Alma-Ata in 1976. This visit is described in my book "Cycles of Heaven" from 1978. In 1986 I returned to Kazakhstan as part of a delegation of 15 scientists and filmmakers...this story will be told in my next book!
Now working on a book on alternative medicine, perfecting my time machine, teleportation cabinet, and bioenergy computer doctor


September 1999: The Professor conducts a live ESP drawing experiment on Danish Radio Station "P3"
Febuary 20000: The Professor conducts a remote viewing ESP experiments on the Danish national television "DR2" youth program "uland undersøger"
March 2000: The Professor holds a lecture for medical and dental students, staff, and faculty on scientific research into ESP and PK phenomena at Panum Institute, Medical Faculty, University of Copenhagen

28 March 2000: The Professor is live in Danish Radio program P2, in the morning radio news. Subject ESP research and the internet
July 2000 The Professor will participate in the Esalen Institute conference on Subtle Energies, along with other world famous PSI and bioenergy researchers more info:
August 2000: The Danish government opens the first knowledge center for alternative medicine in Århus:
and the State library opens a reference center for alternative medicine: medicin
The first online symposium on ebooks, hypertext and litterature don eBooknet from 10-15 Dec 2000, where the prof was the only guest from Denmark:
Unfortuneately, was shut down without warning in April, 2001. Shame on you, Rocketbook! We will try to re-post on another forum.
March 2001: 11-16 The director of the Institute of Frontier Sciences in Oakland, California, Dr. Beverly Rubik, visits the Danish S.P.R. and research institutes in Denmark. Dr. Rubik's book "Life on the Edge of Science" is highly reccommended by us! She also founded the journal "Frontier Perspectives". Read the press release here:
Spring 2001: TheProf gets into virtual books! As part of a Danish project on virtual universities and virtual learning, we will be involved in publishing e-books on the net! These e-books will become available during 2001 and will include my 2 out-of-print books "Parapsychology today" and "cycles of heaven".
July 20 22 2001: TheProf wil participate in the 7th international IABC conference on "Closed biological Circuits" in Helsingør, Denmark and August 16-22 2001: Consciousness conf, Skovde, Sweden our email here at angelfire:
OTHER EMAIL ADDRESSES: MSN Live messenger, Yahoo messenger, Windows live meeting, etc.


SWEDISH sites:, Lycos Voicemail portal:



Bøger på Dansk: "Parapsykologien i dag" af Scott Hill, Bogans Forlag, 1982
(2-bind) 100 års forskning i parapsykologi, fra 1882-1982 med videnskabelige litteraturfortegnelse, billeder og grafik.
Desuden har jeg skrevet ca. halvdelen af "Selskabet for Psykisk Forsknings 75-års jubiliumsskrift" (1985 redaktør Gert Rønsby og Tue Bertelsen)
Både jubiliamsskriftet og "Parapsykologien i dag" findes på kommunebibliotekerHTTP://WWW.KKB.bib.DK, Det Kongelige BibliotekHTTP://WWW.KB.DK, Danmarks Tekniske Bibliotek HTTP://WWW.DTB.DK, og biblioteker i Sverige
. En beskrivelse fra kommunebiblioteket:
placering: 13.9 Hill, Scott Parapsykologien i dag / af Scott Hill. - Lynge : Bogan, cop. 1982. - 2 bind : ill. ; 24 cm Håndbog i parapsykologiske og halvokkulte fænomener med en systematisk klassificering af spontane og eksperimentelle data samt en analyse af psykisk forskning og forklaringsforsøg Bind 2. - 200 sider

Uddrag fra den Kongelige Biblioteks onlinekatalog REX
Opstilling 5k-82/244
Forfatter Injusin, V. M.
Forfatter Cekurov, P. R.
Titel Biostimulation through laser radiation and bioplasma : limited edition manuscript / by V. M. Inyushin and P. R. Chekerov ; english transl. by Scott Hill and T. D. Ghoshal
Trykkested og -år Cph. : The Danish Society for Psychical Research, [1976].
Omfang (1 bd. (flere pagineringer)) : ill.
Originaltitel Biostimuljacija lucom lazera i bioplazma
Emnekoder 56.3

En beskrivelse fra Malmø's Stadsbibliotek:
Titel Kosmiska krafter och hur de påverkar oss h Scott Hill och Guy Lyon Playfair ; från engelskan av Harry Jörgens
Utgivning Malmö : Bergh, 1979
HB:Humaniora Media Bl Omfattning 381 s : ill
Serie Berghs Ultra-serie ; 8
Ämnesord Forskning
Klassning Bl
Medverk. Hill, Scott Playfair, G.L.
Översätt. Orig. titel The cycles of heaven cosmic forces and what they are doing to you
Språk svenska
ISBN/ISSN 91-502-0499-8
Uddrag fra
Du har søgt på: emne=parapsykologi og alle materialer på nær artikler
Selskabet for Psykisk Forskning 75 år : 1905-1980
redigeret af Tue Hauge Bertelsen og Gert Rønsby
1980. 96 sider
Forlag: Selskabet for Psykisk Forskning
Opstilling i folkebiblioteker: 13.9
ISBN: 87-7508-237-3
Pris ved udgivelsen: kr. 38.75
Indhold: H. Kromann Kristensen: Træk af Selskabet for Psykisk Forsknings historie ; Pressen og psykisk forskning ; Ejner Nielsen endnu en gang. Th. Mortensen: Hvad andre> mente om mediet Anna Meloni og mediet Ejner Nielsen. Kaare Claudewitz: Lidt om parapsykologiens udvikling ; Om parapsykologisk forskning på universitetet. Gert Rønsby: En stor fortællings magi. Kaare Claudewitz: En diskussion af sjæl-legeme problemet ; Dermo-optisk perception: fup eller fakta / af Kaare Claudewitz og Lucjan Piontkowski. Scott Hill: Parapsykologisk og parapsykisk forskning i Danmark
Du har søgt på: forfatter=scott hill og alle materialer på nær artikler
LYDBOG Hill, Scott Parapsykologien i dag 1985. 24 kassetter, mono ; i 4 bokse Forlag: Statens Bibliotek og Trykkeri for Blinde Opstilling i folkebiblioteker: 13.9 Indlæser: Irina Manniche Indlæst i 1982
På boksene: Forfatter, titel og bestillingsnr i braille Forsynet med lavfrekvente lydsignaler Pris ved udgivelsen: gratis Håndbog i parapsykologiske og halvokkulte fænomener med en systematisk klassificering af spontane og eksperimentelle data samt en analyse af psykisk forskning og forklaringsforsøg
Mere infor vedr. videnskabelige forskning i parapsykologi: læse "The Parapsychology FAQ"" . Den findes også på svensk: . Se også vores søsterselskab i Sverige:
Jeg er ved at lave en Dansk udgave.....

Min første bog "Cycles of Heaven" (med journalist G. L. Playfair) udkom i England i 1978. Den findes udover på Engelsk, også på Tysk, Italiansk, Svensk, Finsk, Hollandsk, og Polsk.
Den Svenske udgave udkom i 1979 på Berghs Forlag i Malmø (den hedder "Kosmiska Kraftor ogh hur de påverkar dig"), og kan bestilles gennem Universitetsbiblioteket eller kommunebiblioteket

Tidskriftet "Det Ukendte" (nu nedlagt) skrev jeg flere artikler for i 1980'erne, gamle nummber of "Det Ukendte" kan fås antikvarisk og på "Det Ukendte's Boghandel" i Løvstræde i Kbh. Hvis De læser tysk har jeg også skrevet flere artikler for bladet "Esotera", som også kan fås på "det Ukendtes boghandel".

Hvis der er nogen, der ønsker at studere parapsykologi på en højere læranstalt el. universitet, eller ønsker at deltage i en eksperiment, kan jeg kontaktes via email.
Den første masseeksperiment med ESP i Danmark fandt sted i 1976, i en DR-TV udsendelse med Joachim Jerrick. Flere tusinde personer deltog!!
Se iøvrigt en ESP test på ungdomsradio fra Oktober 1999 på: Søge på "ungdomsredaktion" og så "uland undersøger" og så "ESP".


I Feb 2000 medvirkede Professoren i an "remote viewing" (fjernsansning ESP) forsøg på DR2 TV i ungdomsprogrammet "uland undersøger". Mere info: --see under DR2
I Marts 2000 holder Professoren en foredrag for"Gruppen for Integrerede Medicin" laæge- og tandlæge studerende på Panum Institute, Sundhedsfakultetet på Københavns Universitet
28 Marts 2000: Professoren er live i morgenradioavisen, på P2.
I Juli 2000 deltager Professoren i en seminar/workshop på den verdensberømt vækstcentre Esalen Institute i Big Sur, California med andre verdensberømte PSI og bioenergi forsker. Mere info:

August 2000: Den Danske stat åber den første Videnscenter for Alternative Medicin, VIFAB i Århus: og Statbiblioteken åbner den første online infocenter for alternative medcine: medicin
Professoren deltager i første online symposium på WWW vedr. ebøger, hypertext, og elitteratur som eneste deltager fra Skandinavien
11-16 Marts 2001: Dr. Beverly Rubik, direktør for Institute for Frontier Sciences in Oakland, California, gæster Danmark og Malmø, hvor hun giver forelæsninger på Holma College i Hoor, Skåne og på KU. Journalister kan rekvirer en pressemeddelse fra os via email. Dr. Rubiks bog "life on the edge of Science" anmeldes her snart, samt tidskriftet "Frontier Prospectives". Foredraget afholdes som en del af "Hjerneugen".
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