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Malay Fish Owl

The Malay Fish Owl is very easy to distinguish from other owls. Although it's size and appearance are similar to the Eagle Owl, the feathers on its head and face form somewhat of a distinct "V" shape. Its ear tufts stick out a little more that those of the Eagle Owl as well. This owl is brown in color with a pale colored breast and undersides. Its eyes are yellow and its facial disks are light brown.

The Malay fish owl can be found in the wooded areas of Malaysia, Thailand, and the Indonesian Islands. It makes its nests in tree holes, the mossy forks of branches or simply on top of ferns. The female lays only one egg.

As its name would suggest, the main diet of the Malay Fish Owl is fish. It will also eat other aquatic creatures that it catches in the wooded rivers and lakes where it hunts.

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