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Personal Ads

Find a perfect partner for a serious relationship or just a friend for fun!

List of goats seeking people:

goat2.jpg (4665 bytes)

NAME: Jessi
Age: 4
No.: X206

Hi, Im Jessi! Im a fun-loving non-smoker who just loves a party! Im looking for a fun-loving human who is looking to start a serious relationship with a goat!


goat3.jpg (3532 bytes)

NAME: Mark
Age: 3
No.: X269

Hi, im Mark! I like it firm and fruity. I enjoy ramming things especially young boys. If you are looking for a good time call me!


goat4.jpg (12048 bytes)

NAME: Matt Wenzel
Age: 17
No.: X666

Hi! Are you looking for a good time? Are you a well-hung African man aged 22-69 free of herpes and knob rot? Well contact me NOW! (large afro pref.)






mountaingoat.jpg (23838 bytes)

NAME: Stan
Age: 7
No.: X145

Hello sailors! Im an energetic down to Earth guy and I love mountaineering. Im looking for a human who loves the outdoors and has plenty of energy to last through the night.








List of people seeking goats:

billb.jpg (21175 bytes)

NAME: Bill

Hi! Im a raving homosexual and I like sailing. Look at my glasses!! Oh my god what was I thinking? Anyway, im looking for crew, if you know what I mean so contact me now if you are male and like sailing.








pa_pauline.bmp (132654 bytes)

NAME: Pauline

Hi my name is Pauline Pantstealer,
I'm looking for a goat with experience in cooking fish & chips with a dergree
in Law or political science.
This Goat will have the pleasure of leading my One (Legged) Nation party into
the new millenium.
Im willing to pay but not if your a black goat and no more than i paid for my
filipino wife seen in the picture attached.
PS I know nothing about your pants being stolen or you dog being horny.


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