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KingShine Board

 Starting up with kingshine + xboard:

After you downloaded kingshine and xboard (patched), install them where you like.

To start xboard and make it using kingshine, type:

xboard -extGUI <...kingshine exe location> -extGUIDirectory <...kingshine directory location>

If you don't specify them, defaults are "/usr/local/3db/kingshine --prefs prefs/xboard.prf" and "/usr/local/3db"

To open the external GUI, select menu "options / use external GUI".

Note, you can also specify some options to kingshine. Currently accepts:

--prefs <prefsfile> : uses a prefs file, that sets the various board parameters, and holds them when you exit.
--whiteset <setname> : uses this set for white
--blackset <setname> : uses this set for black
--boardset <setname> : uses this board
--whiteskin <skinname> : uses this skin for white
--blackskin <skinname> : uses this skin for black
--boardskin <skinname> : uses this skin for board.

The available set are in sets/ dir, and every set has it skins in his dir (example: sets/classic is "classic" set dir, and sets/classic/white is "white" skin for this set).
Same for boards: available boards in boards/ and skins inside.

Note: prefs files permit to set a lot more things than command line. Currently not documented, but if you want to have an idea, see "src/preferences.h" and "src/preferences.c". (if you REALLY want to understand things, see "src/gui.c", but it's quite a mess currently... (eh, I'm a lazy coder... :))