The artist has not yet decided on words to explain her art in its entirety.
Though her brother has.
Here is what artist Marshall Elliott has said for Alsn:

My work is primarily concerned with the cultivated inflection of post-hypnotic states of archaic revelry: That which turns, and is turned. A breach of inspiration in the bulwark of hypocrisy and stagnation. Like a dead eel floats down the river of languid dreams, so does the apocalyptic vision of surrogate enchantment I long for- or rather lust for. These are the days of expansive and kaliedoscopic enthrall, when the salt of the Earth mixed with the nectar of Heaven. Cast off your insidious boredom that manifests as suburban melodrama! Unlock the rampant ecstatic flight in the territoty of your mind. These are the days of wine-stained wool. This is something else entirely. What I call for I am ebodying. What I demand is what I exist for. May we all walk together through the fates of redemption and into the light of unbridled, polyphonic, luminous prescence. Amen.
~Marshall Elliott in the Tone of Alsn