Sweat - A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


Read this poem about sweating when playing sports.

The kid in this sweat poem sweats so much while playing baseball he can hardly stand at the plate waiting for the pitcher to pitch the ball. Of course, baseball fields are often quite hot especially during summer play. Players can get away from the heat for short breathers while in the dugout. Out on the field, however, they must take what the sun and the rest of the weather dishes out.

Water aplenty is what baseball players need to help keep their sweating in check; or at least, cool their bodies and moisten their throats. Sports drinks come in handy during these hot summer games even more so than they do in cooler months' play. But getting back to the boy in the poem... the author wonders...

Do you sweat as much as this kid does...? Do you quench your thirst with sports drinks?? :}

Sweat Poem by R. Renée Bembry


by R. Renée Bembry

My Sonny Boy

My Sonny Boy

He likes to play the sports

He gets so hot when he plays

He drinks water by the quarts

His tiny pores

Get gigantic

As sweat pours

From his hands and neck

His back

His feet

His head

His face

Make sweat drip

All over the place

After the game

I take him home

To take a bath

And get fresh clothes

He drops dirty duds

On the floor

Piled in front of

The bathroom door

His funky socks

His funky shoes

When I see them

I'm not amused

I walk in and

I see a bruise

Under his eye

And it looks new

I say


When did you get hit

You didn't cry

You didn't flinch

He says

Mom I'm a big kid now

I wipe the sweat

Under his brow

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