He made the first trip on July 26, 2075. He knew perfectly well what he was going to do, the note had made that perfectly clear. He went back an hour and left a note on the refrigerator door. He knew he'd be making a sandwich there in a few minutes. He returned to the time he had left from.

Fifty-five minutes earlier, Dr. Pete Smith took a break from his work in the lab. He went to the kitchen to fix himself a sandwich for lunch. On the door of the fridge, he found a note in his handwriting. it read:

"Dear Pete,
just thought you'd like to know,
today's the day. Congrats, and
enjoy your sandwich.

Love, Pete"

After 15 years of work, he had finally perfected the first time machine.

Whenever he would look back on that day, the thing he always remembered best about it was that that was the best sandwich he had ever tasted.