Love is asymmetrical.
Person A sees Person B,
and finds in them perfection;
but Person B cares not for A,
and severs all connection.
But how can it be thus?
For opposites do not attract,
unless you're talking magnets.
Are we not right for each other, or-
do you just not want us to be?
Screw you.
You know I never looked for this, any more than you did.
But we both felt it. Or so we said.
I never believed in myself,
till you made me believe.
You made me happy.
I made you happy.
I know I suck, but you knew me, too.
You knew what I was like.
And I made you happy, somehow.
Neither of us fucking changed.
I guess you just stopped wanting to be happy.
Still, I can't say I blame you.
I'll always blame myself.
I'll always hate myself.
I'll always love you, and wish you all the best
that life has to offer.
And that sure as hell isn't me.
*sigh* I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for all my problems, and all of yours,
and most especially, for all the world's...
I'll always hate the world,
for what it's done to you,
for what it's done to me,
for what it does to everyone.

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