from the asylum


say things
with mouths they haven't got
because they're words
doctor how do words say things?
are you sure they haven't got mouths?
well whose mouths do they use?
not mine! surely...
i won't let them have it!
i need my mouth!
no! no! no! keep them away!
keep the evil mouth-stealing words away from me, doctor!
please?!! please? hmmm?
don't let them... take... my mouth...


isn't friendly
yes it is
hey you, are you callin' me a liar?
i'm you, silly!
no you're not!
them's fightin' words!
yeah well maybe yer not the dumbest brick in the fish, after all
oh yeah? well... yer right. let's be pals, buddy
me too
good ...say, which one of us said sleep isn't friendly?
i ferget. i think it's luvly tho
me too. specially with...
yeah. *sigh* specially then.