Well, here are some things, in no particular order, which over the years I've recorded off the TV or somewhere, and maybe some things others have recorded for me. Some of these things will not be very good quality, because of defective tapes or crappy VCRs or tape degradation or substandard modes (LP or SLP/EP), or whatever the reason may be. But some of it should be pretty alright, too.... I'm sure I forget to list some things here when I record new stuff....

Please note: I don't currently have access to my tapes, so for now, please don't bother asking me to make you copies. Sorry.

Secret Societies; Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Once More, With Feeling)

Raven (Is Someone Crazy in Here, or is it Me?); Undergrads; Saddle Rash

Behind the scenes at Daria; Look Back in Annoyance; Brak presents the Brak Show starring Brak (2 eps); Undergrads

Yes, Prime Minister (A Victory For Democracy; One of Us)

Video Hits (Debbie Gibson); Hard Time on Planet Earth (Stranger in a Strange Land; Something to Bank On)

Hard Time on Planet Earth (All That You Can Be; Battle of the Sexes)

Hard Time on Planet Earth (Death Do Us Part; Not In Our Stars)

Gryphon; Hard Time on Planet Earth (The All American)

Material World; Famous Teddy Z; Dragon's Blood

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here; X-Rated

Liberty Street; The Outside Chance of Maximillian Glick

Max Glick

Empty Nest; Murphy Brown

1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns

Johnny Bago (Free at Last; Hail the Conquering Marrow)

Johnny Bago (Johnny's Mannly Act; Spotting Elvis)

Johnny Bago (Johnny's Golden Shaft; Lady Madonna)

Johnny Bago (Big Top Bago; Johnny Saves the World)


The Maxx (eps 1-10)

The Maxx (eps 11-13); Nightmare Cafe (pilot)


The Doom Generation; Clueless; Cable Guy

Hard Rock Live (Jewel); MTV Unplugged (Jewel)

Doctor Who (The Ribos Operation- key to time pt. 1)

Doctor Who (The Pirate Planet- key to time pt. 2)

Doctor Who (The Stones of Blood- key to time pt. 3)

Doctor Who (The Androids of Tara- key to time pt. 4)

Doctor Who (The Power of Kroll- key to time pt. 5)

Doctor Who (The Armageddon Factor- key to time pt. 6)

Babylon 5: In the Beginning

Babylon 5: The Gathering

Babylon 5: Thirdspace

Babylon 5: The River of Souls

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms


Nick Knight

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Absolutely Fabulous (The Last Shout)

Teen Angel; Boy Meets World; Working; Little Red Riding Hood

The Wild Wild West Revisited

Wild Things; Cruel Intentions

The Last Supper

The Faculty; Dead Man on Campus

The Stratford Festival of Canada's Romeo & Juliet

Little Shop of Horrors

The Tick (cartoon: a few eps)


Medieval Babes; Cynthia Dale; Clerks (cartoon: 2 eps)

Crusade (Racing the Night; The Needs of Earth)

Crusade (The Memory of War; The Long Road)

Crusade (Visitors from Down the Street; The Well of Forever)

Crusade (Every Night I Dream of Home; Patterns of the Soul)

Crusade (The Path of Sorrows; Ruling From the Tomb)

Crusade (The Rules of the Game; War Zone)

Crusade (Appearances and other Deceits)

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