Humor/Fun/Silly/Dance/Toon tape 2

Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
Pepsi comm. (Spice Girls)
Brimful of Asha - Cornershop
Life Has Been Good to Me - 3rd Rock From the Sun)
My Addiction - Dayna Manning
Barbie Girl - Aqua
Hey Hey You Say - Papas Fritas
Legend of a Cowgirl - Imani Coppola
Lollipop - Aqua
Alright - Supergrass
Sugarcane - Space Monkeys
Toys R Us comm.
Doctor Jones - Aqua (live on Much Music)
South Park Thanksgiving quickie
Tell it to the Kids - Bis
A bit boring (MTV2 clip)
Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks
Sprite comm. (Sun Fizz)
MTV clip - Jay & Silent Bob
Video Killed the Radio Star - Presidents of the United States of America (live)
Snapple comm. (abacus)
TV Land (watching last Seinfeld ep.)
Taco Bell comm. (here, lizard lizard lizard)
Bubble Yum comm. (Leonardo DiCaprio)
Alternative Song - Radio Free Vestibule
M2aata (MTV2 clip)
Caramilk comm.
Pepsi comm.
The First Musica Instrument - Beakman's World
Ode to Spot - ST:TNG
Dance the Night Away - The Mavericks
Buddy - Adam Sandler
Simple Man - Wink
One Week - Barenaked Ladies
Fire Water Burn - Bloodhound Gang
Hanginaround - Counting Crows
Dr. Jones - Aqua
Boyz in the Hood - Dynamite Hack
It's Oh So Quiet - Björk