AT&T WorldNet - Walkin' After Midnight (D2)
Bubble Yum (featuring a young Leonardo DiCaprio) (H2)
Caramilk (f. aliens) (H2) (DVD 5)
Cartoon Network promos (various, see C)
Dentyne Ice (DVD 2)
Dr. Pepper (Mahna Mahna) (DVD 1)
eclipse flash strips (A3)
Fanta (W5)
Frenchs (DVD 3)
Emerald Nuts (DVD 1)
Game Show Network (Sputnik!) (H4)
Geico (I didn't want mayo) (H4)
Geico (Speed Racer & Old Navy- DVD 1)
Heineken (f. Austin Powers) (H4)
Heinz (I can't seem to find my ketchup) (H1)
Honda Civic (Hoodie Ninja) (DVD 6)
Juicy Fruit (Happyville Junction) (H4)
Kids WB promos (various, see K)
Mario Party DS (DVD 2)
Mountain Dew (f. Jackie Chan) (H1)
MTV/MTV2 promos (various, see M)
Nick at Nite (f. The Fonz) (C1)
Old Spice (DVD 2)
PBS promo (can't you see what will make me truly happy?) (A2)
Pentium 4 (aliens) (H4)
Pepsi (various, see P)
Slap Chop Rap (DVD 5)
Snapple (abacus) (H2)
Sprite (Sun Fizz) (H2)
Taco Bell (Here lizard lizard lizard...) (H2)
Target (You spent way too much.) (DVD 4)
Time Warner Cable (washing machine) (DVD 6)
T-Mobile (super delicious) (DVD 3)
Toys "R" Us (Then & Now) (H2)
Travelers (DVD 2)
Verizon (Susie's lemonade) (DVD 6)
Visa (various, see V)
VO5 (DVD 2)
Winterfresh (DJ cashier) (W5)
York (DVD 5)

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