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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, on CBS
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Dr. Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour), aka "Dr. Mike," was a female doctor from Boston, who moved out to the small Western town of Colorado Springs, in like 1867. And she sort of inherited a few kids from a woman named Charlotte Cooper, who died in the pilot movie. There was an older boy named Matthew, a younger boy named Brian, and in the middle was a girl named Colleen. (She was played originally by Erika Flores and later by Jessica Bowman.) Um... there was a guy named Sully, who had a wolf, and um... he would become a love interest for Dr. Quinn. And there were lots of other good characters. Loren Bray (Orson Bean), the owner of the mercantile (a widower whose daughter, Abigail, had been married to Sully, until she died); Jake Slicker, a barber who, until Dr. Quinn showed up, had been responsible for most of the medical work in town (which led to some conflict with Dr. Quinn); Hank Lawson, the somewhat seedy owner of the local saloon; Horace Bing, the telegraph clerk (who fell in love with Myra, a prostitute who worked for Hank); Rev. Timothy Johnson; a blacksmith named Robert E. (who married a cafe owner named Grace); Cloud Dancing, a Cheyenne medicine man, who was Sully's best friend; Dorothy Jennings (Barbara Babcock), the editor of the town's newspaper, the Gazette (and sister of Loren's late wife, Maude). And probably plenty of other characters, over the years.

Anyway, there was usually a fair bit of moralizing about various issues, including feminism (it took awhile for people to accept a female doctor), racism, etc. Really, all kinds of stuff. I'm afraid I don't remember specific stories, really, but I always thought the show was reasonably enjoyable and thought-provoking, or whatever. And there was, some time after the series ended, a TV movie that I think provided some closure on various points, but I don't remember it that well. I should rewatch it someday. Actually, I should rewatch the series, as well, but honestly, in retrospect, I'm not as interested as I was when the show originally aired. But it was definitely good while it lasted....

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