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The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., on FOX
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I didn't really get a chance to see this in its initial run, but some years later I watched reruns on TNT. Anyway, what to say? It's a sci-fi sort of western. Comedy. Thing. (So, naturally, I decided to stick it in the "fantasy" category, though later moved it to "westerns," but left a link in "sci-fi.")

There's this outlaw, John Bly, who killed federal marshall Brisco County, and Bly and a bunch of his henchmen escaped. County's son, Brisco County, Jr., is a bounty hunter who is hired by a group of robber barons, through lawyer Socrates Poole, to hunt down and capture all those guys. He's joined by another bounty hunter, Lord Bowler, an ex-Buffalo soldier. They occasionally encounter Bly himself. Who wants possession of mystical orbs from the future that can give you great power... strength, invulnerability... I dunno, it's weird, and therein lies the sci-fi element of the show.

We see a couple of orbs from time to time. Sometimes Brisco gets one, sometimes Bly. Sometimes some professor has them. There were at least a couple professors in this show, one serious and one kinda nuts (the latter was played by John Astin, aka Gomez Addams). And somone from the future appeared to Brisco at least once. And um... some old Chinese mystic guy named Lee Pow, who was a friend of Brisco, Sr. And um, Dixie Cousins, a singer who has a sort of confusing, on-again/off-again relationship with Brisco. Oh, and Brisco has a horse named Comet.

And um.... there's all kinds of adventures on this show and it's really incredibly funny and there are sometimes new inventions that will ultimately um... not last, because the world's not ready for them yet... All kinds of crazy stuff in this show, very weird and hard to describe and cool. Brisco's played by Bruce Campbell, of course, who's one of the coolest actors ever. Okay, so I'm going to stop talking now. But it's cool.

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