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Sifl 'n' Olly, on MTV
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Sifl and Olly were sock puppets. There were lots of other sock puppets on this show. Okay, the other major one was Chester. But there were others I guess. Maybe a few regulars and any guest was almost always a sock puppet. This show was so insanely crazy and hilarious. I don't remember it well enough. I want to see it again. This show rocked so hard! It was definitely an adult show, not for little kids. Even though it was kind of juvenile in a way, or sophomoric, or whatever. It was stupid, but mostly just nuts and hilarious and so cool. There were different segments on the show, and songs and stuff. Man this show rocked.

Also I don't know why I remember it being called "Sifl 'n' Olly" when every other site on the internet calls it "The Sifl & Olly Show." But whatevs.

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