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Eagleheart, on Cartoon Network
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This show stars Chris Elliott as U.S. Marshal Chris Monsanto. In the first episode we learn that anyone he's ever been partnered with always gets killed, so he finally decides he doesn't want to work with a partner anymore. So, the chief assigns him two partners (so if one gets killed he'd only be half as sad). Their names are Susie Wagner and Brett Mobley. Susie is probably the most competent person on the show, by which I mean the only character who actually seems remotely realistic and serious. Brett seems like the dumbest character, though actually it's more like he has the mind of a very young child. Chris, meanwhile, has a huge ego and doesn't seem to respect or really care about anyone. But he's good at his job, in a ridiculously cartoonish way that in real life would either get him killed or imprisoned.

The pilot episode of this series I actually found rather hilarious, which I wasn't expecting. It's still kind of dumb, but in a clever way. Basically it spoofs the cliches of action shows like, I dunno... the one that comes to mind is Walker, Texas Ranger. Actually, I'm not sure if I should even mention cliches, it's more like... well, I can't really say this show is making fun of such shows, because this is just ludicrous in its own unique ways, which might seem like a comic exaggeration of shows that take themselves more seriously, but actually the stuff that's funny about this show isn't so much the exaggerations as it is the things that straight up would never happen to any degree in a serious show. It's just plain absurd, is what it is, but inventively so. I suppose there have been other series that are in a similar vein, some of which were probably worse than this and some which were probably better, but none specifically come to mind, except maybe Police Squad!. Anyway, I don't know what else to say. It's just a ridiculous, surreal, clownishly violent, and amusing little show.

There were three seasons, but I only had the chance to see the first one. It might be nice to see the others two sometime, but it's not really important to me.

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