Video Hits, on CBC (Canada); Wikipedia

Well, this was at one time the only source I had for watching music videos. It was a half hour on weekday afternoons. It aired from 1984-93 in Canada, and even though I didn't live in Canada, I was close enough to get this channel. Didn't have cable or anything, so I couldn't watch MTV or VH1 or anything. Just this. I liked it a lot. The original host was Samantha Taylor, who I definitely liked. Later there was a guy named Bryan Elliot, who I thought was cool. But after Bryan was Dan Gallagher; in fact, the name of the show changed to "Dan Gallagher's Video Hits." I don't think I liked him that well. Anyway, I miss the show, it's an important part of my youth. But hey, I have other channels to watch now that play music videos all the time. (Well, I guess they don't anymore, but they still played music videos most of the time, when I originally wrote this review.)

Sometime after I had been watching Video Hits for at least a few years (but still before I had cable), I did see a late night Canadian music video show, hosted by Stu Jeffries, called Good Rockin' Tonite, but I was never as into it as I was this. Later still, in like the mid-to-late 90s, I occasionally saw something on NBC called Friday Night, hosted by Rita Sever. And maybe I should mention that for awhile, I did have satellite that included MuchMusic, a sort of Canadian equivalent to MTV. I miss that, too. Sook-Yin Lee was a pretty cool host, and Ed the Sock was hilarious. And I'm sure there were others I liked at the time, but don't remember now. Sigh. Eventually Much was replaced in the US by Fuse, which I don't think I liked nearly as much as Much. But I don't get either channel anymore, so whatever. I have to make do with American music channels. At least MTV2 is kinda cool....

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