This Hour Has 22 Minutes, on CBC (Canada)
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For much of my life, I had access to basically three and a half channels, one and a half of which were Canadian. Which means that for years, I saw almost as much Canadian TV as American. Anyway, this here is a Canadian mock news show, somewhat in the vein of The Daily Show, except that this premiered in 1993, a few years earlier than the Daily Show. Also, this show is probably closer to a sketch comedy show than the Daily Show (though not as close to sketch comedy as another Canadian show which I often think of in association with this show, Royal Canadian Air Farce). Anyway, the original cast of the show included Rick Mercer (who would later go on to other things, like "The Rick Mercer Report"), Cathy Jones, Greg Thorney, and Mary Walsh. The cast would change somewhat over the years: Mercer left in 2001, Walsh in 2004, Thorney in 2005; Colin Mochrie joined from 2001-03, and a few other people joined in the years since I stopped watching. It does still air, now more commonly referred to as simply "22 Minutes," and I suppose I could still watch if I wanted... maybe. Actually, I'm not even sure if I get that channel now. But having satellite makes me less interested, I'm afraid.

Um, so anyway, I don't know what to say. I always thought it was amusing, even if most of the mock news was about Canadian politicians and such, so I didn't know that much about it. There were other pieces on the show, too... but I guess you could read Wikipedia or something, if you want to know about all that. I really am sorry I have nothing much to say, but I felt like I should at least mention that I watched the show, for awhile, and I liked it.

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