Family Feud, on ABC / CBS / syndication
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This originally ran on ABC from 1976 to 1985, hosted by Richard Dawson, but I never saw any of that version. The first version I ever saw was the 1988 CBS/syndication revival, hosted by Ray Combs. In 1994, Combs was replaced by Dawson... and the series apparently lasted just one year with him, but I feel like I must have seen more of him than that. I guess I have to trust the internets, though. Maybe at some point I did see a bit of the original run, like in reruns on Gameshow Network, or something. I dunno. Anyway, after being cancelled in 95, the show returned in 99, and since then has had several hosts, including Louie Anderson, Richard Karn (of Home Improvement fame), John O'Hurley, and Steve Harvey. I've seen very little of any of their tenures; I mainly associate the show with Combs, and Dawson. (Edit: I eventually came to associate the show just as much with Steve Harvey, because of my mother and sister watching the show every day.)

So... there will be two families, and members of each family take turns giving answers to questions that have previously been asked in surveys of 100 people. There's a board with the most popular answers, and the contestants try to give answers of their own which will hopefully be on the board. At the end of the show, whichever family has won will select two members to play "Fast Money," where one gives answers to a series of questions from other surveys, and later the other one answers the same series of questions, and they try to collectively score a certain number of points... I dunno what to say. It's never been a show that was hugely important to me, but I suppose for awhile I watched it with some regularity. It's not something I've really watched in years, but I guess it was vaguely a part of my TV-watching routine for awhile. So I might as well mention it.

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