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MADtv, on FOX (s1-14) / The CW (s15)
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In theory, this sketch comedy show was based on MAD Magazine, though it really bore no resemblance to the magazine other than using the image of its mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, and occasionally airing animated "Spy vs. Spy" shorts. It was more like Saturday Night Live, though generally not as good. Some of the sketches were funny, but more often I just thought they were stupid. (Though your mileage may vary.) I will say I loved the opening monologue that Neve Campbell did once when she hosted the show. Anyway, it ran from 1995 through 2009, though I pretty much never watched it in the later years.

The cast changed somewhat over the years (just like on SNL), but I was never terribly interested in most of the players, anyway. Except Nicole Sullivan, who later went on to do stuff I enjoyed more than this (mostly voice work in animated shows). And Phil LaMarr also went on to do voice work in animated shows I like. There are probably other cast members that I saw on this show and just don't remember, whom I've seen and liked in other things. And people who joined the cast after I stopped watching, who later did other things I liked (such as Key & Peele). Also I should say, over the years when thinking of certain sketch comedy actors, there have been some I've had trouble remembering if I knew them from this show or SNL (and I wouldn't be surprised if some worked on both shows, at different times, but I dunno). And I don't really know what else to say....

In January 2016, there was an anniversary special for the show on the CW, but I didn't see it. Also, the series has been airing on the CW's online service, CW Seed. And an 8-episode fifteenth season will air on the CW itself, starting July 26, 2016. But since I don't get the CW, I wouldn't be able to watch that, anyway.

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