Beat the Geeks, on Comedy Central
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Cool quiz show. Hmmm, what to say? There are 3 regular geeks on the show, the TV geek, the movie geek, and the music geek. Plus each episode has a guest geek with some special field of interest. And there's a host who doesn't do much except read questions and try to be funny I guess. And you get three contestants on each episode, which is soon whittled down to two. Then they have to challenge the geeks in trivia, and finally it gets down to one contestant who must face the geek of his or her choice in a final showdown. Oh yeah, there's also a girl named Tiffany I guess. In the second season there was a new host who I just found annoying. Um... and now that years and years have passed since I saw the show, I don't remember it so good anymore, but I do remember liking it a lot while it lasted.

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