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The Andy Milonakis Show, on MTV2
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When this aired in the mid-Aughts, Andy Milonakis was in his 30s, but he looked like a kid. The thing is, his humor is funnier if it's being done by some amateur kid with no talent, but a highly developed sense of irony. So I guess I thought it was cool that he turned his condition to his advantage, and it's lucky that when watching his show, I found it easy to forget that he's not a kid. Anyway, his sketch comedy is all very unprofessional, rough, crappy, and stupid. And hilarious to the point that if you're not careful, you might just hurt yourself laughing. But... I generally couldn't watch more than a few minutes at a time, and usually didn't even watch the show at all. It's just too much concentrated insanity for me to handle. (I could just as well have put this under "weird" as "sketch comedy.") And I have always prided myself on my insanity, so that's saying something. But then again, maybe it's easier for a certain breed of sane person to appreciate than it is for me, I dunno. But most sane people will probably just think it completely sucks, anyway.

What else? Andy, as a character, is just crazy and weird and stupid, and he has a crazy-weird-stupid friend named Ralphie, and maybe there's some other weird people. And the sketches are weird and I think some of the people on the street must be acting, otherwise someone probably would've killed Andy a long time ago. But I could be mistaken. And um Andy and/or Ralphie sometimes do some mad rapping, and by "mad" I obviously mean insane and stupid and weird. And that's all I can think to say because like I said I didn't watch it much but it's insane and hilarious and stupid.

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