120 Minutes, on MTV / MTV2
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What to say? This was a late night show on MTV and later MTV2, which played a lot of cool music videos you wouldn't likely see elsewhere or elsewhen. And it also had a host who would talk about the videos and interview musical artists, and whatnot. The first host I remember was Matt Pinfield, but I saw several other hosts after him. Of course, it started long before I had a chance to watch, and had other hosts before my time. Anyway, I kind of consider Pinfield the most sort of iconic host, he always seemed to me like an encyclopedia of rock knowledge, or whatever. But probably my favorite host was Jancee Dunn (who I'm sure I also saw hosting videos and talking to artists at other times and other days, on MTV2, or originally M2.)

And, uh, I never watched as regularly as I would've liked, partly because it was on late, or there was other stuff I wanted to watch, but largely because it seemed to be scheduled pretty erratically, by the last few years. But anyway, it was cool, and I would miss it after it was cancelled in 2003. The final host of the series' run was Jim Shearer, who went on to host a sort of replacement series, called Subterranean, which was pretty much the same thing as 120 Minutes had been, except only 60 minutes long.

However, eight years later, actually on my birthday- September 21, 2011- I got up in the morning, went to the livingroom, and checked my DVR to see Subterranean, which had been airing at 5am (so of course I wouldn't be up to watch it live). But it wasn't there. So I looked through the onscreen schedule for MTV, throughout the whole coming week, and discovered that next Wednesday at 3am, there would be "120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield." I was all like, "Are you shitting me? So I went online to see what up, and apparently, the series had returned July 30 of this year, and I had heard nothing about it. Certainly I'd never seen it listed anywhere, and Subterranean had still been airing, so... whatever. How could I know? But anyway, I set the DVR to record 120 Minutes next week, and I look forward to seeing it again. (In a weird way, this kind of reminds me of a plot point in my book, actually...)

So yeah, anyway. The show's back, but I started worrying about it because it wasn't always on. Now I think... maybe it's monthly instead of weekly? Or biweekly, or something. And it moved from Wednesday mornings at 3 to Friday mornings at 6. (Maybe it'll be weekly now, after all.) Anyway, it's nice to see Matt again, introducing videos, chatting with artists, bestowing bits of knowledge upon viewers (though I won't remember any of it, I'm afraid). And of course, it's nice to have a chance to see and hear new music that, as I said at the outset, I probably wouldn't hear elsewhere.

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