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This is a page to list anything I've reviewed recently that's not actually current or new stuff. Because I am so far behind on so many things. I'll also list reviews of new things that aren't series (such as TV movies, specials, or miniseries), which therefore aren't listed on my "current shows" page. And... maybe I will mention it here if I do an update on my reviews of current shows (most likely at the start or end of seasons).

June 2021

6-11: Doctor Who (TV movie)
6-9: The Stand (miniseries)

May 2021

5-30: The Owl House (season 1)
5-17: Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (season 2)
5-15: Fate/stay night
5-13: Watchmen
5-8: Upside-Down Magic (TV movie)

April 2021

4-9: Secrets of Sulphur Springs

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