Yes, Prime Minister, on BBC Two (UK)
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I guess it was a sequel series to "Yes Minister," which I never saw. In fact I never saw much of this show, either. But it was very clever, a brilliantly written and acted show, with highly amusing and kind of complicated politics and whatnot. As I recall, the main characters were Jim Hacker (the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) and Sir Humphrey Appleby (his Permanent Secretary), played by the always entertaining Nigel Hawthorne (who I think I must sometimes confuse with Clive Francis). Though Sir Humphrey worked for Hacker, I believe he generally tried to prevent the PM from actually doing any of the progressive things he wanted to do. Then there was Bernard Woolley (Hacker's Principal Private Secretary), who was often caught up between the political maneuverings of Hacker and Sir Humphrey. Anyway, I'd love to someday see both this show and its predecessor, in their entirety.

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