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Veritas: The Quest, on ABC
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There's this group called the Veritas Foundation, which mainly seems to be comprised of archaeologists. They're looking for clues to find the truth of civilization developing long before we're led to believe it did, but there's some kind of secret society trying to protect these secrets.

Anyway, the head of Veritas is this guy named Solomon Zond, whose son Nikko (Ryan Merriman) gets kicked out of the latest in a line of boarding schools, then winds up getting enmeshed in his father's secret work, which he had heretofore known nothing about. This despite the fact that when he was a little kid he used to go on archaeological expeditions with his parents. (Nikko's mother died doing the same sort of secret work as Solomon ten years prior to the start of the series, I think.)

Not sure what else to say about the show right now except it seems like a sort of cross between X-Files, Indiana Jones, and Tomb Raider, with some James Bond-ish spy tech thrown in. Oh, and Nikko has a tutor named Juliet Droil (Cobie Smulders). Anyway, only four episodes aired (at least in the U.S.), largely because the series got pre-empted by real world war coverage. This always bugged me, because the show was kinda cool, and seemed like it could've gotten very interesting, if given more of a chance to develop. I wish it would have lasted longer, and I really wish I could see all 13 episodes that were made.

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