The Famous Teddy Z, on CBS
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I liked this show. This guy named Teddy Zakalokis (played by Jon Cryer) worked in the mailroom of a talent agency, and this crazy actor named Harland Keyvo decided to make him his agent. Teddy didn't know what the hell he was doing. But he made a lot of money. Plus he had an attractive secretary. Um, what else? Alex Rocco played this guy Al Floss, another agent who didn't really like Teddy or much of anyone. I thought he was pretty funny. The character Al Floss was also in an episode of Murphy Brown once. Um... and the episode of this show that I remember best was one of them there "Christmas Carol" episodes that so many shows like to do, with Al in the Scrooge role. Anyway, it was a funny series and it didn't last long. Wish I could think of more to say, and I'd like to see it again, someday, maybe.

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