I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

The Famous Teddy Z, on CBS
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I liked this show. This guy named Teddy Zakalokis (Jon Cryer) worked in the mailroom of a talent agency, and this crazy actor named Harland Keyvo decided to make him his agent. Teddy didn't know what the hell he was doing. But he made a lot of money. Plus he had an attractive secretary named Laurie (Jane Sibbett). Um, what else? Alex Rocco played this guy Al Floss, another agent who didn't really like Teddy or much of anyone. I thought he was pretty funny. The character Al Floss was also in an episode of Murphy Brown once. Um... and the episode of this show that I remember best was one of them there Christmas Carol episodes that so many shows like to do, with Al in the Scrooge role. Anyway, it was a funny series and it didn't last long. Wish I could think of more to say, and I'd like to see it again, someday, maybe.

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