I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Second Chances, on CBS
IMDb; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This ran for just 10 episodes, between 1993-94. I don't remember it well enough to really say anything about the plot, but I loved the cast. It included Megan Follows, whom I've always loved, so of course I was totally psyched to see her in this. Plus there was Connie Sellecca, Jennifer Lopez (before she became a huge star), and Michelle Phillips. Oh, and also there were guys in it. Um... I remember Pepe Serna, but the other people listed on IMDb... not so much. Still, a lot of them are people I got to like in other things, years later. Oh, and Ramy Zada, who I already knew from Dark Justice.

Hotel Malibu, on CBS
IMDb; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This summer series was a spin-off of Second Chances, which included Lopez and Serna's characters. And a bunch of new characters. Including one played by Joanna Cassidy (whom I know from Who Framed Roger Rabbit). It only lasted six episodes, but they're included on the DVD release of Second Chances. So I'll have to get that someday, to write up a proper review of both shows.

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