I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Run of the House, on The WB
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So there are these four basically grown-up kids whose parents have moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Arizona, because of the father's health, but they leave the kids behind to look after themselves. They've also left a nosy, annoying next door neighbor to look in on them from time to time. The oldest sibling, Kurt, was played by Joseph Lawrence, who I thought was better on American Dreams (but you probably know him best from Blossom). The next sibling was Chris (Kyle Howard), who just dropped out of law school and is a kind of cool, funny oddball, though his persona is a bit over the top. Then there's Sally, who is basically self-involved, and who I don't find particularly interesting, though she has her moments. The youngest was 15-year-old Brooke, played by Margo Harshman, though I thought she was better on Even Stevens. I thought the show was fairly funny. A bit taboo at times, maybe. And now I don't remember it very well. I wish it would've lasted longer (16 episodes, plus three unaired), and I'd like to see it again someday. But it's not that important.

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